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Laurie Janecek--Teacher
Cassie Carman-- Paraprofessional
Laurie Zeleny-- Paraprofessional

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Welcome To Preschool

Jan Brett




     * Use Walking Feet         


     * Keep Your Hands To  Yourself

     * Put Your Toys & Materials Away


    * Listen & Do What Teacher Tells You

     * Look At Teacher

     * Use An Inside Voice

* Use Nice Talk/Kind Words


The Creative Curriculum identifies the knowledge, skills, & concepts important for preschool children to acquire in each content area. 

The key components are: Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies, The Arts, & Technology.

The areas of development are divided into four areas-social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language.   There are three goals for social/emotional development (achieving a sense of self; taking responsibility for self and others; and behaving in a prosocial way).  There are two goals for physical development (achieving gross motor control and achieving fine motor control).  There are three goals for cognitive development (learning and problem solving; thinking logically; and representing and thinking symbolically).  There are two goals for language development (listening and speaking and reading and writing.

There are fifty objectives (thirteen social; eight physical; sixteen cognitive; and thirteen language) that are observed in the classroom.


Our classroom has an Activboard.   If you would like to view some of the lessons on the board, please let me know when you come to visit and I will show some of them to you.  The children enjoy the interactive lessons.  The Activboard has become a valuable teaching tool in our classroom.


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Cassie CarmanParaprofessional (402) 734-6001 ext. 1040 
Laurie JanecekTeacher (402) 734-6001 ext. 1040 
Laurie ZelenyParaprofessional (402) 734-6001 ext. 1040