Mrs. Jones

Mrs. Julie Jones

Contact Info
 (402) 734-6001 ext. 1070 

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!

Hello! My name is Mrs. Julie Jones.  I graduated from the University of Nebraska Omaha with a degree in elementary education.  Since then I have gained more than 14 years of teaching experience in grades 3-6.  Fifth grade has been my favorite! Recently, I completed my Master's Degree in Reading through UNO as well.   When I'm not at school, you will find me out on the sideline of a soccer game with my husband either cheering on one of our two children or watching a local college game. It is my goal for us to work together to help your child be successful both in the classroom and as positive members in our community. I love teaching and look forward to a fantastic year!  

¡Hola! Yo soy la Sra. Julie Jones. Me gradúe de la Universidad de Nebraska en Omaha con una licenciatura en Educación Primaria. Actualmente estoy trabajando en una Maestría de Lectura por medio de UNO.  Mi meta es guiar a su niño(a) por el camino del aprendizaje. Cuando no estoy en la escuela me pueden encontrar en las orillas de la cancha de futbol junto a mi esposo, ya sea animando a uno de nuestros dos hijos o mirando un partido de las universidades locales. ¡Amo la enseñanza y espero con ansias un año fantástico! 

2016-2017 Cycle Day Schedule

Specials: 10:50-11:40
Days 1/6  Computer Lab/Mrs. Olsen          Days 2/7  Art/Mr. Ventura          Days 3/8  PE/Miss. Mayer     
Days 4/9  Library/Mrs. Wolf          Days 5/9 Music/Mr. McDougall          Days 4/9 Guidance/Ms. Maier 3:00-3:30

Daily Schedule
8:50-10:45     Reading
10:45-11:40   Specials *See Above
11:40-12:40   Lunch/Recess
12:40-2:40     Math
2:40-3:15       Social Studies/Science
3:15-3:55       Writing
3:55                Dismissal

 Days 2/7  
*Strings:  Days 2/7 & 4/9 
*Band:  Rotating Schedule on Days 2/7  & 4/ 9  

We are fortunate to be able to offer Chorus, Strings, and Band classes with teacher pre approval.  Students are expected to make up any work they miss while they are out of the room.  All work needs to be completed and turned in by the next morning

Homework Policy

1. The school homework policy requires each student to read 20 minutes, four times a week. 

2. Students do not have extra work specifically assigned for homework.  

3. Your child has time to complete daily work in class each day. If the daily work is not completed by the end of the day, students are to complete it at home. If they use their time wisely in class, they should not have a lot left to do.

4. I model exactly what your student is to write in his/her assignment planner at the end of each day. They are to highlight any work from the day that needs to be completed at home that night. 

5. Your child should be bringing home a homework folder and assignment planner each night. Have them open it and review what we wrote down for the day. Don’t take their word for it if they say they don’t have homework, they may have forgotten! If they have work to finish, it should be on the ‘NOT DONE’ side of folder. Once it is completed, your child puts it on the ‘DONE’ side. That is when we are asking you to initial their planner. They can show you all is done at that time.

6. Students that practice multiplication math facts on their own show great progress with getting their facts memorized. If we mention at conferences that your child needs to learn his/her facts, then they should be practicing at home as much as possible. Each student in our class has been given their own set of flashcards to practice with.