2018-2019 AP-R Robotics 

C2598A - APR Olympian Builders (Tristan, Alex and Nestor)

C2598B - APR Brains 2.0 (Danny, Ismael and Alexia)

C2598C - APR MasterMinds (Owen, Mary and Jonathan)

C2598D - APR Hidden Leaf Village (Elias and Bryce)

C2598E - APR RobotiChampions (Owen, Jackie and Valeria)

C2598F - APR Wheely Wonka (Melissa, Victor, Adrianna and Ashlyn)

The details of this year's course "Cosmic Collision" can be found here. 

Questions, comments or concerns?  Please email derek.andersen@ops.org

12/1/19 St. Margaret Mary (4 Teams ) - C2598A (Skills Champion), C2598B, C2598E (Tournament Champion) and C2598F (Tournament Champion)

1/26/19 Adams Elementary (All AP-R Teams) - C2598A, C2598B (Tournament Champion, Skills and Honor Awards), 2598C, 2598D (Tournament Champion) and 2598E (Tournament Champion and Engineering Award)

2/2/19 Davis Middle School (4 Teams) - C2598B (Tournament & Skills Champion), C2598A (Tournament Champion), 2598D and 2598E

2/9/19 North Heartland Invitational (All AP-R Teams) - C2598A (Tournament Finalist), C2598B (Tournament Finalist and Honor Award), C2598C, C2598D (Tournament Champion and Skills Champion), C2598E (Tournament Champion) and C2598F

4/3/19 - 4/4/19 Create Jr. U.S. Open - Mid America Center  - C2598A (Skills Runner-Up), C2598D (Skills Champion)