Welcome to the Ashland Park/Robbins Library

The Omaha Public Schools Libraries enable students to be critical thinkers and effective users and producers of information through rigorous and relevant learning experiences that develop a lifelong love of reading and learning.


The Omaha Public Schools Libraries are active centers of learning where students and teachers, individually or in small groups or whole classes, are gathering information and using it creatively, exchanging ideas, and learning together and where school librarians lead learning experiences for staff and students that create new understandings and a love of reading.

The school librarian:

  • Provides instruction which results in achievement of content standards in both information literacy and the classroom curriculum.
  • Collaborates and exchanges ideas with teachers to facilitate teaching and learning.
  • Supports classroom reading instruction and reading for personal and academic success.
  • Provides equitable and timely access to organized and diverse collections of resources that support the curriculum and encourage staff and students to pursue personal interests.
  • Provides a facility conducive to learning with access to technologies that enhance learning for students and staff.
  • Supports teachers in their effective use of technology resources in the classroom and library media center.
  • Develops partnerships with parents and community to foster a community of learners.
  • Facilitates professional dialogue to support continuous improvement of instructional practice. 


Mrs. Wolf has been a school librarian for 14 years.  Her favorite part of being a librarian is that she can work with  ALL of the students in the school.  Mrs. Wolf enjoys watching students learn to read, find books for pleasure reading and become independent and responsible users of the library and information. She also has an opportunity to assist the staff to find enrichment materials for lessons.  In the past few years, family activities have also been added!

The library is open from 8:45-4:00 each day.  Books are checked out for a to week period but may be returned sooner.


Library Rules


Forget about the school library being a place where children are "shushed" by the librarian.  Sometimes our library can get very loud with children participating in lessons and responding to books! Although there are guidelines for proper classroom behavior, there are only 3 rules in the library:





Respect Yourself

Do your personal best. 

Come to the library prepared to work during class. 


Respect Others

Treat others the way you would like to be treated. 

Treat the person speaking in front of the class with respect by using good listening skills and following directions. 


Respect the Library 

Return your books on time. 

Take care of the books and computers in the library.







Although we discuss book care throughout the school year, sometimes students lose or damage their books. When students report that they have "lost" a book, here is a list of places I encourage them to look:

  • In the car(check under the seats and in the trunk!)
  • In your backpack (…and in your brother’s and sister’s backpacks too!)
  • Under/behind the couch (check under the cushions)
  • In your bookcase at home
  • Under your bed
  • On top of/behind your dresser
  • In the toy box
  • On the porch
  • In the basement
  • Under the rug
  • At the babysitter’s house
  • At Grandma/Dad/ Mom’s house
  • In the Lost and Found
  • In the classroom or in your desk
  • In your friend’s desk
  • On the bus

If the book still remains "lost" after 2 months, I will send home a bill letter for the replacement cost of the book.




If a book is damaged, the student should bring itback to school for evaluation. Sometimes a book can be fixed. However, if it cannot, a bill letter will be sent home for replacement cost.




"Replacement cost" is determined by  




The school library gladly accepts donations of books in good condition.  S

If you would like to donate a book in honor of a child's birthday or other special occasion, please contact Mrs. 



 Kindergarten in the library is meant to be fun and engaging! Children listen to 1-2 books, and then they do an accompanying craft or technology lesson. Kindergarteners take out 1 book per week beginning in late September. At first, they choose from a wide variety of books selected by the librarian. In January, students begin to choose their own book from the picture book section by using a shelf marker. The "Shelf Elf" teaches them how to do this, and then hides each week in the library, waiting to be found by eagled-eyed kindergarteners!

 As in kindergarten, emphasis is on literature appreciation and enjoyment in first grade. We spend some time with favorite series books and where to find them in the library, such as Curious George, Arthur, Franklin and more. One of our favorite series that we revisit throughout the entire year is the Gilbert series by Diane Degroat. Gilbert is a loveable first-grade opossum who makes alot of  mistakes, but learns from them.

First graders also take out one book each week. They choose from the non-fiction on the "back wall" also, which is very exciting for them!




Book Checkout/Renewal Policy


Book Checkout Policy

Students in Grades K can take out two books each week. If a student forgets his book, he will not get another book until that book is returned.

Students in Grades 1-6 take out three books every other week. Again, students may not take out new books until the old ones are returned.

Students may come to Open Library during scheduled hours to exchange books.

Renewal Policy

Students may renew their books twice before returning them to allow others to take out the book.