Teacher Resources


  • Living Alphabet Book- Take pictures of your students forming the letters of the alphabet. You can then
      1. Create a class book and add words beginning with that letter through out the school year.
      2. Create a small book with sentences that students can read through out the school year.
      3. Create an iMovie and have students narrate each page.
      4. Create a Powerpoint presentation or ClarisWorks or AppleWorks slide show to display on the web, during conferences or open house, or just when ever!
  • Number Books- Using ClarisWorks/AppleWorks Drawing program or Microsoft Word, have students create a number book. Each page can represent one number, and they can add clipart (or draw their own picture) representing the number on the page. Advanced students can even add a sentence describing the page. (Click here to download directions)
    • Variations- Have students create number sentences to illustrate (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division)
  • Children, Children, Whom do You See?- Use Bill Martin's Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See? as a model for a class book.
      1. Write "Children, children, whom do you see?" at the top of a sheet of copy paper. At the bottom of the paper write: I see _____ looking at me! Draw square in the center of the page that is the same size as children's photos. Photocopy a class set of this page.
      2. Share Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See? with students.
      3. Give each child a copy of the tex/picture page and his or her photo. have children glue their photos in the designated space and write their names in the spaces provided.
      4. Create a page for yourself. You might also want to invite cafeteria staff, the principal, the school nurse, and others to add a page.
    • Variations-
      • have the students cut and paste the pictures digitally into an Appleworks or Word document.
      • Have students narrate their pages and create an iMovie of the book.

Pattern Books:

A is for Africa by Ifeoma Onyefulu
NBA Action from A to Z by James Preller
Gathering the Sun by Alma Flor Ada
Alphabet Books (series) by Jerry Pallotta (i.e. Icky Bug Alphabet Book)
Tomorrow's Alphabet by George Shannon
What's Lefty? by Judi Barrett
Fortunately by Remy Charlip
That's Good! That's Bad! by Margery Cuyler
Do's & Don'ts books (series) by Todd Parr (i.e. Underwear Do's & Don'ts & Zoo Do's & Don'ts)
Fun / No Fun by James Stevenson
What the Sun Sees / What the Moon Sees by Nancy Tafuri
If You Give a .... (series) by Laura Joffe Numeroff
Bill Martin books (i.e. Brown Bear, Brown Bear)
Doodle Dandies by J. Patrick Lewis
Splish Splash by Joan Bransfield Graham
A Poke in the I by Paul Janeczko
Shades of Black by Sandra Pinkney

Web Sites:

Clifford's Interactive Storybooks
Interactive website for students with read aloud stories, alphabet letter/sounds matching games

Building Language for Literacy
Interactive website for students with games-letter match, categorizing objects within places, and rhymes

Sunshine Online: Alphabet Chart
Interactive website for students with great printable colored alphabet chart with pictures. Click "Back" at the bottom of the alphabet chart to get to the main page. Alphabet games and activities for 3 levels (easy, medium, hard), E-Books, Printables, and projects.

Welcome to Sadlier-Oxford
Phonics and word study interactive site for Pre-K-6. Games for alphabet, high-frequency words principles of phonics and word study.

Stellar Speller
Stellar Speller-cute interactive game where picture clue is given- student has to spell the word.

Read Write Think: Wordmaker
Interactive site that lets students create "word family" lists

Author Jan Brett's Home Page - A Great Place ...
Great site with lots of resources for teachers and students-activity pages, illustrated flashcards, and projects

StoryPlace - The Children's Digital Library
Interactive stories for children, online activities, take home activities, and great recommended reading list (with pictures of the books)

The Internet Picture Dictionary

Online picture dictionary. Browse by category or alphabet letter-nice pictures in color and printable. Also has activities/games for students

Little Explorers
Online picture dictionary with links - very easy to navigate, even for young students

Wacky Web Tales
MadLibs style game with funny results. Great for 3rd grade and up.

Basic Addition & Subtraction
Number Family Tubs-system for mastering the basic addition and subtraction facts- All kinds of resources-flashcards, game boards, worksheets, online games, and record keeping tips

A+ Math
Interactive games for students as well as flash card and worksheet generators for off-computer practice. Ranges from simple addition to division & multiplication of decimals; also fractions and counting money.

Count On
Interactive student games - most are problem solving. Excellent resources for teachers. Need Flash Player 6 and Shockwave Player v. 8.

AAA Math

Over 200 pages of math lessons (K-8) which feature interactive practice, challenge games, and an explanation of the topic

Click on Bricks
Interactive mathematics site for learning basic multiplication skills

Flashcards for Kids
Interactive, online practice for math facts, telling time, and money

Math Goodies
Over 400 pages of interactive lessons, homework help, worksheets and forums for teachers at all levels

Count Us In
Interactive games for young students - comparing, patterns, counting, numbers to 10, ordinal numbers, beginning addition & subtraction, telling time. Requires Flash Player v. 5 or above.

h.i.p. pocket change
Interactive games for counting money - new quarter pictures are included. "Teacher Feature" has lesson plans for off-computer activities

Math Cats

Activities for place value; addition, subtraction, multiplication & division; conversions, measurement, estimation, probability, statistics, fractions - for 2nd gr. & up

Max's Math Adventures
Great online activities for primary students ranging from shapes & counting to beginning multiplication. Also includes teacher lesson plans & resources

Teacher Resources

AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation
Easily translate up to 150 words into another language-just type in your message and hit translate! You can then copy and paste the translated message into notes home or classroom labels.

Tooter4Kids great site for teacher's resources
Great teacher resource site-has links to grade level webrings and websites categorized by subject. Includes links to great ESL resources. Just scroll down and keep scrolling!

Dolch Kit
Complete teacher resource for Dolch words-printable lists, flashcards, game boards, activities, and organizational tools.

Patti's Assessment Tools.url
K-3 Teacher resource for reading assessment tools. Includes alphabet assessment, concepts of print, phonemic awareness, and many more. Great explanations, printable and easy to use.

Do2Learn- A site that has resources for working with special needs children.